YWM2015 – We Need a Chorus

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Dr. Lloyd Stegman is part of the OAC Board and Co-Chair for Your Weight Matters and was part of the group that sets the agenda for the educational sessions, he opened up the event talking about how the burden of obesity is like carrying chains around your neck and how it’s ok to ask for help in bearing that burden, and a lot of the education presented here helps us lighten our burden just a bit.


If you would like to find out more about Dr. Stegman, or just looking for a great resource for information on surgical treatment options, check out his site at Better Weigh Center.

One of his parting thoughts, in regards to why it important to become a member of the Obesity Action Coalition is to add your voice to the chorus, so the message of access to care, as well as the other messages of the OAC are better heard.

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