YWM2015 – Repetition is Key to Success

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Mira, Amanda, Laurel, and Micheala were some ladies I found standing around in the middle of the vendor area, so I grabbed them for not one, but two interviews… because I forgot to hit the record button the first time… we had to do it again. The ladies are all part of the crew that was here from JK Fitness.


And like the exercise these ladies teach, I show that even in recording conversations, repetition is often the key to success.

Also, Mira Rasmussen was one of the panel speakers during the afternoon breakout sessions – she was part of the “The Journey of Movement: Integrating Activity into Your Daily Life” and specifically spoke about All Movement Counts: Activities to Work into Your Day. Mira is an Exercise Physiologist and Health Fitness Professional – as she mentioned, she does not have a website – but she provides private studio sessions as well as in-home services in the Georgetown area – if you want to get in touch with her, reach out to me and I’ll connect you. She mentioned she’s working on a website, if I find out when it’s up I will add the link here.

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