YWM2015 Follow Up: Turning the Tables

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While bugging people doing the conversations I had with people at Your Weight Matters in San Antonio last month, I had a few people asking when it was going to be my turn to answer the questions – well, Eileen Blake with the Obesity Action Coalition had asked me at the start of the weekend if I would do some video testimonial at some point during the convention.


Unfortunately that never happened, so we chatted and decided she would turn the tables on me and be the one asking me questions for this final installment. In it I reveal a few things about what I took away from the weekend…

Since we didn’t have to worry about when the next session started, or worry about keeping people from some of the other great things happening at the convention, this one is a bit longer. Hopefully though, you get through it all and … well, get through it and the others I’ve posted and maybe join us in DC next year so I can harass you for next year’s round of discussions.

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