YWM2015 – Doctor, Patient, Advocate

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Next up, I was able to chat with Dr. Walter Medlin… in his own words he’s a “Bariatric Doctor, Bariatric Patient, and Part-Time Advocate”. He was part of a panel talk on the “rules” patients are told about life after bariatric surgery and his views on how they are guidelines that direct us, but since we are all different people these “rules” do not apply equally, to everyone.


He makes another great point just before the 4 minute mark about not only taking credit for our own success, but reminding us to not measure the struggles of others against our own yard stick.

Dr. Medlin work in the Salt Lake City area at Bariatric Medicine Institute of Utah , and he can be found as an occasional blogger at A Bonus Life, plus check him out on Twitter @bonuslife and find out more about his story from his recent appearance on the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast.

photo: That’s Dr. Medlin on the right in the above photo on a recent trip to the Utah State Capital

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