YWM2015 – 50 Shades of Hope

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Ok, fine… probably not quite 50… but between the two ladies I chatted with next, you can get lots and lots of hope and help. First up was Connie Stapleton, the doc half of A Post-Op and a Doc. She reminded us about the upcoming weekend event her and Cari will be doing in Portland, OR coming up the first weekend in October. (find out more on their Facebook page).


Then I also chatted with Robin Mooney from Shades of Hope, a treatment center in Buffalo Gap, TX that was established over 20 years ago as an all-addiction treatment center, specializing in the intensive treatment of eating disorders.

Hear what they had to say about treating the addictive components of obesity, with a bit of chiming in from Cari here and there. And check out my review of their book, Straight Talk.

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