YWM2014 – The Interviews Roundup

So at the request of a friend, I am putting together a post that will be an easy reference to all the audio interviews I did…


Some interesting (or maybe not so much) stats…

  • I recorded 79 interviews with 77 people over 3 days (there were two repeat subjects)
  • Just under 3 hours of audio (178 minutes, give or take a few seconds)
  • It took me maybe twice as long a that to go through and listen to, do some minor editing, put the files together, save and upload.
  • I said some variation of “we’re back”, I don’t know how many times… I wasn’t keeping track, but it was a lot.

Here’s the links to the different posts.

That’s all of them, hope you enjoyed listening as much as I did compiling it all!

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