WLS Podcast: Pandora Williams – Feelings & Fitness

A bit over a year ago, I was interviewed by Reeger Cortell for an episode of her Weight Loss Surgery Podcast, and shortly thereafter, she asked if I would like to do some co-hosting with her. I’ve since done a few episodes with her, as well as some solo-shows for the podcast. I haven’t been great about putting out notices here, so they’ll go up as a Podcast Archive post as the anniversary pops up, like I’ve been doing for various Wake Up Call shows.

But… this one… I’m glad to say… just came out today. It’s an interview I did with my friend, Pandora Williams. We talk about her transformation from fighting obesity to becoming a fitness coach, avid runner, motivational speaker and more.


So go check out episode 063 Pandora Williams on Feelings and Fitness

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