Will losing weight change your relationship?

Back in the end of May, Claire Altshuler, a freelance writer reached out to the Obesity Action Coalition looking for sources for an article on relationships after weight loss she was working on for the Chicago Tribune. In the end, she talked to a number of our members, including myself. It seems Lifestyle pieces can tend to get used filler, so it was a couple months before the article was used, but it’s out now.

Will losing weight change your relationship?

It briefly gets in to a few things regarding a study recently published in JAMA Surgery and how “surgery was associated with increased incidence of divorce and separation as well as increased incidence of marriage and new relationships.” While it’s something I had been wondering about myself for awhile, it was my conversations with Claire that finally got me digging deeper in to just what the divorce rates might be, and I shared what I found in a recent blog post; Divorce Rate After Bariatric Surgery

In this article, Claire shares some personal stories to illustrate some of the things being pointed out in the study. She includes a few things I shared, as well as my fellow OAC Board member, Melinda Watman and my good friend Pandora Williams. It also includes some quotes from Dr. Scott Kahan, another OAC Board Member.

Overall,the article is good… if a bit light. It brings up the issue, but it’s not really the platform for diving in to things too deeply. Hopefully, it can lead to some further discussions.

Pandora has taken things a step further and has been blogging a huge series of posts on “Sex, Love, and Obesity” That will get you to Part 1, and as of this posting, she’s up to part 12. She really dives in deep to her personal story and struggles, with some no-holds barred sharing of how she feels her weight has impacted her personal relationships over the years. Check it out.

If you want to share your own story, feel free to do so in the comments, or share a link to a blog or something of your own if you’ve posted about it.

Photo Credit: the image above is the image from the Chicago Tribune article.

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