Waddell Creek – With Salmon!

Last fall, my work schedule changed where I was working weekends, so I was not getting out hiking as much as I would have like. I was still getting out, but mainly during the week, and often solo. And while I know I haven’t posted any videos for awhile, I have been recording videos and so I hope to start getting them edited and posted. I decided to skip ahead a bit to this one because of some neat content.

Ok, there’s quite a bit of monloguing in this one, that tends to happen when I’m solo hiking. If you can tolerate making it past all that, there’s a number of minutes of footage of some salmon, including underwater video that may make the rest worth it. I’m also using different music in this one, let me know what you think.

I’m really not sure if these are sockeye or coho, but from some other videos and such, the round make over the mouth area leads me to believe they are coho. I’m not sure where they came from to get to this part of Waddell Creek, it is possible they came in from the Pacific by way of North Bay and into the Chehalis River at Aberdeen, or through the Puget Sound by way of Capitol Lake and Black Lake.

If you want to skip me just talking about various things and get right to the salmon, skip ahead to about the 21:00 mark, and there’s about 5 minutes of footage of the salmon. There’s not much narration, dunking the phone/camera got water on the mic and muffled much of it.

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