Urban Hike: Downtown Denver

I’m not really sure what the difference is between hiking and walking…? How do you define it? Is it terrain? distance? or maybe just attitude?

Whatever, I found myself with a few free hours while in Downtown Denver after we wrapped up the annual Obesity Action Coalition Board Retreat. This marks my second year serving on the board, and this year I’m part of the Long Term Planning Committee. While I can’t share any info, I’m really excited for what we’re working on because it heavily revolves around why I wanted to join the board in the first place… membership involvement. As the name implies, this is a long term thing.. so it will be a bit before we can start talking about any of it in public, but be patient! It will be worth it!

But a few things I CAN talk about…

We have a New Chairperson for the board… Michelle Vicarri. Many people know her from her bariatric friendly blog, The World According to Eggface. She’s been on the board for a number of years, and just prior to moving to this position was chair for our National Convention Committee for the last two years (a committee I’m currently serving on for my 5th year…? has it been that long?).

Downtown Denver RouteThe last few years, the board retreat has been taking place at the site of the upcoming national convention, Your Weight Matters. It gives us a chance to preview the site and work on some logistical things as well as our other meetings. And since I had Sunday to meander, I thought I could take the time to sort of case the area, looking for things that might be of interest for those attending come July. I will be sharing more about those things on the official event page over on Facebook, but for now, here’s a few photos from my trek around Denver. Mark your calendars now, YWM2018 hits Denver July 19-22… one thing I’m looking in to is getting there a day early and organizing a group hike. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us! If you’re interested in the route I took while wandering, I’m including a screen shot from my RunKeeper to show that.. I started at the hotel, wandered up 16th Street Mall towards the Capital, worked my way back.. swung back by the hotel to pick up something a friend had forgotten when they checked out, then wandered back down the pedestrian mall over to the train station to get back to the airport.

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