Tolmie State Park

We stopped by Tolmie State Park near low tide, and saw sooooo many tiny crabs. Had fun just watching them doing their crabby thing.

Besides the beach and about 3 miles of forest trail, Tolmie also has an underwater park that contains an artificial reef built in cooperation with divers.

Tolmie State Park is named for Dr. William Frazer Tolmie (1812-1866) who spent 16 years with the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Nisqually as a physician, surgeon, botanist and fur trader.

I also later learned the little fish I saw swimming about were likely pacific staghorn skulpin, not sure what fish the large school we saw in the inlet was though. They may have been mature sculpin, but I never got a good enough look at them to know for sure… tho I’m doubtful since sculpin seem to be bottom feeders and these were not swimming anywhere near the bottom.

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