Together again for the first time…

Before there was there was And before that, I’ve been doing web sites and blogging since before MySpace was a thing. Originally I used it for just sharing my interests, then my experience pursuing bariatric surgery. That’s when I started the FFD site, to dedicate to that part of my life.

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You can find out why I finally shifted from there to this site full-time, but while I originally had not meant to let FFD totally fall by the wayside, I sort of forgot to renew the domain and ended up losing it. But the underlying data that is a wordpress database lives on, taking up bits and bytes on my web hosts server.

I’ve finally gone in and dumped that content into a file I can use to start re-posting some of my favored items… so you will start seeing some of that popping up here and there. The first item will show up tomorrow, something to sort of introduce one of the reasons I’m attending Your Weight Matters… so… stick around.

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