The Wake Up Call, The Lost Episode

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Way back in July of 2011, a new show started airing on AM950 in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. The Wake Up Call Radio Show. This health and wellness program was months in the making, and was co-hosted by a motley group brought together by Guy Odishaw of the Bhakti Wellness Center.

We had some grand plans for the show, and I think over the course of the following three-plus years, we pulled it off. We have a great group of co-hosts, but from the beginning there was myself, Guy and Gizelle Erickson (another practitioner from Bhakti Wellness). In order to help introduce the show and ourselves to the listeners, we used the first few episodes to essentially interview each other.

But… before I start posting those episodes, as well as all the other episodes still sitting in my archives, I wanted to share a never before heard episode of The Wake Up Call. The “Lost Episode”, or maybe Episode 0, as it were.

On July 11, 2011, Gizelle, Guy and myself went in to the AM950 Studio to do a dry run that was recorded live, following the same timing as an actual episode, but was never aired. In this episode you’ll hear me as the facilitating host, sitting behind what we called the “big mic”. As the facilitating host I would do our intro and outros, watch the clock for timing of breaks, cues from the producer, etc. After actually being the main host, this was my favorite role I think.

Speaking of main host, this was a rotating role as well. The main host picked the topic, did the research, lined up any guests, etc. They’re the on that pretty much drove the conversation itself. While this dry run was about interviewing Guy, Gizelle had the role of main host for this episode.

Things would evolve a little bit over time, and we were always flexible in the moment as needed, but by and large, we stayed with this format throughout our run. The main variance was the number of co-hosts that might be on hand for any given show. Sometimes it was just a couple of us, sometimes there were four or five of us.

I will introduce each host a bit more as I post shows either about them or where they debuted as a host, for now, I’ll just let you enjoy this world premiere.

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