The Wake Up Call: Obesity in the News (re-broadcast)

This is a repost of a live broadcast from Mar 18, 2014. Back then I was a co-host on a local AM show, The Wake Up Call… and was looking at way to cover additional topics when we weren’t on the radio.

I was also playing around with Hangouts On Air, so I joined up with a couple of folks I know via the OAC, having a discussion about some of the obesity related news items that have been around the previous few weeks.

Find out more about my guests:

Nanette Adams:
James Zervios (Obesity Action Coalition):

Also, be sure to check out the upcoming OAC Convention – Your Weight Matters 2014 – find out more at *now with our 7th annual convention coming up July 2018 in Denver*

The Wake Up Call, where you will find the education, encouragement, and inspiration you need to change your mind, and change your health.

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