The Wake Up Call: In Moderation vs Optimum Minimum (re-broadcast)

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This is a repost of a live broadcast from Oct 1, 2014. Back when I was living in MN I was a co-host on a local AM show, The Wake Up Call… after Moving to WA I continued to work with my former co-hosts on a few projects, this is one of them. A Google Hangouts On-Air broadcast with Guy Odishaw from Bhakti Wellness.

When it comes to changing our dietary habits, we often hear something like “everything is ok – in moderation”, but just what does that mean? And is there maybe a better way to look at it? We’re going to explore the idea of “optimum minimum”

The Wake Up Call is where you will find the education, encouragement, and inspiration you need to change your mind, and change your health.

Bhakti Wellness Center:

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