That Darn F Word

I was trying to figure out some sort of… humorous way to approach this post. But honestly, after a few stalled attempts, I realized it wasn’t going to work.

This is actually a topic I’ve given a lot of thought to over the last few years, especially as I have become more and more involved with the Obesity Action Coalition.

The F-word. No, not that one… the one right there in the title of this blog.


The OAC has just announced their “Ban the F Word Campaign“, along with a petition to raise awareness of, and help end fat-shaming. A topic anyone that’s read more than a couple posts on this site know I’m pretty much in favor of. Here’s an excerpt from the OAC’s Ban the F Word site…

The word ‘fat’ is most appropriately used as a noun. The fact that today we use it as an adjective and shame people dealing with the disease of obesity is highly unacceptable.

While I don’t use it as a way to shame, and don’t think anyone visiting this site believes I do… I have struggled off and on over the last few years over my use of the word as an adjective, as a label.


A word doesn’t define me. Well, no single word does.

A word isn’t who I am. Ok, I suppose while there are many words that could be used to describe me at any given time, none of them truly define me, and really only give a glimpse into who I am.

A word isn’t what I see. Mostly. Hey, we all have our days, right? Be it in the mirror or as I look out in the world, I try to live up to this as best as I can.

I’m more than a word. We all are. We’re all greater than the the sum of our parts. So much greater, that it’s sometimes a hard concept to grasp. Maybe that’s why we can tend to focus on a single thing, a single word, so intently. It makes it easier. Even when doing so is to the detriment of ourselves or others.

I’ve brought it up with a few people  here and there, but never delved too deeply. Possibly out of fear? That while by and large folks tend to tell me there’s nothing wrong with the way I use the word, that maybe…  maybe it’s not exactly right either?

Maybe it’s time for me to ban the F word?

When I started this blog, I.. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was looking for something catchy, something that could be built on. Yea, I had hopes that this could be a place for others, not just myself, to talk about their experiences. While it hasn’t gone as I would have hoped, it’s still gone in directions I never would have expected.

This site has been good for me. Good to me. But does that out weigh the overall message I am trying to convey with nearly every post I make here? Is the use of the F word, for all my innocent intentions, betraying those attempts?

My intent is not to offend, it never was. But if anything, the various happenings around our nation even in just the last few weeks, should show that despite our best intentions… words… symbols… they have meaning. And they’re not always the ones we think, or wish they did.

And at the same time, I’ll be the first to say, you can’t offend me. Being offended, I believe, is a choice. But then again, just because I am not offended by something, doesn’t mean I can’t find it offensive.

Suffice to say, I’m in conflict.

Is it time for a change? I have options.. I still own positively-healthy as a name, or I could try for something entirely different. My “purpose” as it is, wouldn’t change. While I know the decision is one I must ultimately make for myself, I am open to… even asking for feedback, thoughts, and maybe even some debate.

Let me know what you think here, or over on facebook.

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