Ten Obstacles to Bariatric Surgery – the WLS Podcast


Recently I sat down and had a very nice chat with Reeger Cortell of the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast. That conversation was about a list of 10 obstacles people feel they face when considering bariatric surgery as a treatment for obesity… and that conversation became the 50th Episode of Reeger’s podcast… a momentous occasion that I’m proud to have been asked to be a part of.

On top of that… you will get to hear… or maybe be stuck with me on a somewhat regular basis. Earlier this year, Reeger decided she wanted to… make a shift in her goals for her podcast, to try and take things to another level, and she felt that I could possible make a positive contribution to that… is humbling.

We’re not exactly how this is going to shape up yet, and Reeger is taking a bit of a break to do some traveling and just take a well deserved break. When she gets back from her trip to Greece and Italy – we’ll get together and start coming up with a game plan… of some sort. I’ll announce more about that as it shapes up.

In the meantime, go check out our discussion on the 10 obstacles… maybe share your own thoughts… and if there are topics you would like to hear us cover, please let me know.

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