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YWM2015 – We Need a Chorus

Dr. Lloyd Stegman is part of the OAC Board and Co-Chair for Your Weight Matters and was part of the group that sets the agenda for the educational sessions, he opened up the event talking about how the burden of...


YWM2015 – It’s Like Drinking From a Fire Hose

Pandora and Liz had a lot of similar thoughts about what they got out of attending YWM in the past, and what keeps them coming back… and how what they take away from the event stays with them over the...


YWM2015 – 50 Shades of Hope

Ok, fine… probably not quite 50… but between the two ladies I chatted with next, you can get lots and lots of hope and help. First up was Connie Stapleton, the doc half of A Post-Op and a Doc. She...

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YWM2015 – There From The Beginning

James Zervios has been with the Obesity Action Coalition since it’s inception in 2005, which makes this the 10th Anniversary. James has seen the OAC go from just a handful of members to over 50,000 members across the country. We...


YWM2015 – Truth About Weight

Next I stopped by the the Novo Nordisk’s Truth About Weight and chatting with Christine, Zipporah, Victoria, Thy-Ann, Kayla, and Christie. They were doing what they called True Weight Report what has worked, challenges, what their weight has been over...


YWM2015 – Healthy Living in San Antonio

One of the aspects of the YWM Convention that was repeated from last year is the Healthy Living Expo, where the vendor/expo hall is opened up to the public for free to stop in and check it out. I happened...


YWM2015 – The Other Y That’s Fun to Stay At

Christine, Tracey and Sandra – locals to San Antonio were among those I grabbed up next… Christine was here with the YMCA of San Antonio, one of the sponsors of this years convention. They’re all involved in helping promote the...


YWM2015 – Bariatric, It’s Not Just For Surgeries

We had some great medical professionals represented in our vendor area as well… and here I chat a bit with Rachel from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP). One of the resources for patients looking for help with obesity...


YWM2015 – Healthy Body, Mind and Finances

Another of the local vendors, some folks that work with Take Shape For Life – a mix of health coaching with a holistic approach to the body, mind and finances through helping folks work with others. While these guys were...


YWM2015 – The Eyes Have It, Right Sized

Next, I stopped by to say to another long standing supporter of YWM, Sheila and Walt from Livliga. Find out all about all their “right sized and beautifully ” dinnerware on their website at livligahome.com