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Radio Archive: Beyond Belief & Loving Kindness Podcast

This podcast originally debuted on November 14, 2013 This was one of a series of shows and podcasts I did as part of The Wake Up Call back in 2013. In this special podcast, Rob chatted with Dr. Andrew Litchy, ND from...


Radio Archive: School Lunch Nutrition

This show originally aired on November 12, 2011 This was one of the first shows I did as part of The Wake Up Call was way back in November of 2011. I was joined by the Director of Student Nutrition Services...

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Radio Archive: Healthy Fats

I’ve already written a bit about fats before, in my Beginner’s Guide To Fats, and Beginner’s Guide To Saturated Fats, but I wanted to post this to share some links to a few sites I used when researching dietary fats...

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Radio Archive: Water, Thirst & Dehydration

This show originally aired: July 28, 2012 Summer is in full swing, so what better time to look back at my radio show on Water, Thirst and Dehydration… I relied on a lot of great sources out there as I was learning...


Radio Archive: Raising Kids With Food Allergies

This show originally aired: July 27, 2013 In this second show of the series on Kids and Food Allergies, we continued our conversation by having a discussion with three mothers raising children with food allergies. Kari, Shelly and Kristin talked with...


Radio Archive: You and Your Thyroid

This show originally aired: April 21, 2012 Dr. Kyle Warren of Warren Internal Health  joined us on The Wake Up Call to discuss the thyroid. We talked a bit about what it is, what it does, what are some of the more common...

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Radio Archive: Food Insecurity

This show originally aired: March 23, 2013 On this episode of The Wake Up Call we talked about Food Insecurity and the health impacts it has, especially on children. We were joined in studio by Colleen Moriarty, Executive Director, Hunger Solutions Minnesota.


Radio Archive: Food, Stress and the Brain

This show originally aired on March 17, 2012 Today we talked about dealing with stress, and a bit how it relates to emotional eating which can be a big factor in maintaining a healthy weight as well as contributing to...


Radio Archive: An Introduction to Yoga Theory

This show originally aired on: March 15, 2014 When we talk about Yoga, most people think of thin women in expensive workout clothes stretching on a mat with a bunch of other people during a class. While the practice most...