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No Kid Hungry 0

Radio Archive: Food Insecurity

This show originally aired: March 23, 2013 On this episode of The Wake Up Call we talked about Food Insecurity and the health impacts it has, especially on children. We were joined in studio by Colleen Moriarty, Executive Director, Hunger Solutions Minnesota.

The Biggest Loser 2

Radio Archive: The Reality of Weight Loss

This show originally aired: March 2, 2013 Given the recent uproar over the latest season of The Biggest Loser, this is a timely revisit to the Radio Archive.  A couple years ago I hosted another great discussion on The Wake...

The HOPE Program 0

On The Air: The HOPE Program

This show originally aired: February 22, 2014 For this week on The Wake Up Call, I was joined in studio by Dr. Henry Buchwald, Professor of Surgery at the U of MN and one of the founders of the HOPE Program. The...


People reclaiming their lives. Every Day.

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) have produced a great video highlighting some facts about bariatric surgery as a means of weight management for those fighting obesity. Surgical treatment may not be the right choice for everyone,...


That One Thing

Some of you, like me, may be old enough to remember Billy Crystal in City Slickers and his conversations with Jack Palance’s character Curly about that “one thing”. That one thing that was the secret to a good life. Well,...


Barbara Thompson Award for Advocacy

It’s no secret, I’m a big supporter of the Obesity Action Coalition. I became a member to be a voice against obesity bias and stigma. Over the last few years I was honored to be chosen to join the OAC...

Dr Baker In Surgery 0

Radio Archive: Bariatric Surgery

http://positively-healthy.com/audio/2011/20111001WUC0111-BariatricSurgery.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis show originally aired on October 1, 2011 For one of the very first shows I did on The Wake Up Call, I had a special call in guest, Dr. Jeffrey Baker of Baker Bariatrics. Dr. Baker...

July 2010 0

Radio Archive: An Interview With Rob

http://positively-healthy.com/audio/2011/20110730WUC0102-RobPortinga.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis show originally aired July 30, 2011 The Wake Up Call Radio Show has just started it’s fourth year! As one of the founding co-hosts, the first few shows were spent interviewing each other,...

July 2010 1

Why I Chose To Have Weight Loss Surgery

I wasn’t always “obese”, I don’t think I was even always overweight. I think I was a pretty average baby, and I was a fairly active kid. From second grade through sixth, it was baseball in the spring, soccer in...


A Rose By Any Other Name

Gastric Banding. Gastric Bypass. VSG. RNY. Sleeve. Stomach Stapling. Lap-Band. DS. And more. I think you get the idea. These are all names, or rather names use to identify different types of surgery. Well, different types of a specific surgery –...