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I Have a Disease; It’s Called Obesity

Last fall, I was approached by my friend Reeger Cortel, the lovely voice, wonderful mind, and caring heart behind the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast about an idea she had for a video contest being done by the American Society for Metabolic...


The ABC’s of Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month… and while diabetes seems to be an every growing issue, so there’s a pretty good chance you know someone dealing with. Dr. Mike Evans and his great video series to help give you a quick intro...


YWM2015 – Medtronic, Working on patient goals

Covidien has long been involved in bariatrics, and the reach they’ve been able to attain is only growing after a recent acquisition by Medtronic. I spoke with Patric, who is part of a group under Covidien that is reaching out...


Beating Your Head Against A Wall

I have a headache, and honestly, it’s a bit of a self imposed one. Last Thursday, Nicole Arbour, a “comedian” out of Canada took to her YouTube channel with a video entitled “Dear Fat People”. I’m not going to link...


YWM2015 – Bariatric, It’s Not Just For Surgeries

We had some great medical professionals represented in our vendor area as well… and here I chat a bit with Rachel from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP). One of the resources for patients looking for help with obesity...


Welcome to Your Weight Matters 2015

http://positively-healthy.com/audio/2015/YWM2015-01.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThis weekend I am down in San Antonio, TX for the Obesity Action Coalition‘s annual convention, Your Weight Matters. Yesterday, I took part in the Finding the Power of Your Voice advocacy training, and...


The OAC’s Respect Pledge – Good Anytime, Anywhere

One week from today the Obesity Action Coalition’s annual convention, Your Weight Matters 2015 kicks in to gear with some advocacy training in the afternoon and the opening kick-off that evening. And once again, a record breaking attendance is expected. The...


The inconvenient truth of healthful living

“… the inconvenient truth of healthful living is that effort is absolutely gonna need to be required” – Yoni Freedhoff Dr. Freedhoff is one of my favorite obesity/health/food industry advocates. I did a radio show with him a couple years...


That Darn F Word

I was trying to figure out some sort of… humorous way to approach this post. But honestly, after a few stalled attempts, I realized it wasn’t going to work. This is actually a topic I’ve given a lot of thought...

No Kid Hungry 0

Radio Archive: Food Insecurity

This show originally aired: March 23, 2013 On this episode of The Wake Up Call we talked about Food Insecurity and the health impacts it has, especially on children. We were joined in studio by Colleen Moriarty, Executive Director, Hunger Solutions Minnesota.