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The inconvenient truth of healthful living

“… the inconvenient truth of healthful living is that effort is absolutely gonna need to be required” – Yoni Freedhoff Dr. Freedhoff is one of my favorite obesity/health/food industry advocates. I did a radio show with him a couple years...


The Biggest Loser, you never fail to disappoint

It’s no secret I’m no fan of TBL, and other than in the title, I don’t feel like typing out their entire name because I don’t wish to give them SEO love. It’s because they are one of THE worst...

The Biggest Loser 2

Radio Archive: The Reality of Weight Loss

This show originally aired: March 2, 2013 Given the recent uproar over the latest season of The Biggest Loser, this is a timely revisit to the Radio Archive.  A couple years ago I hosted another great discussion on The Wake...