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HBO, A Platform for Hate

Is HBO a platform for hate? As long as they continue to give voices such as Bill Maher air time… seems so. This isn’t fiction, it’s real comments aimed at real people. #stopweightbias #OACAction #obsm


In App Bias: WordCrossy

When it comes to the OAC, Action really is their middle name. With the recent site redesign and other initiatives, the Obesity Action Coalition is really putting an emphasis on it too. Advocacy is a big part of that, and...

Steps of the Statehouse 0

Radio Archive: Making a Difference – Advocacy

This show originally aired: June 7, 2014 Today we had special guests Joe Nadglowski, President and CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition and Ann McCully Executive Director with Child Care Aware® of Minnesota to talk about advocacy – what it is, and...


Welcome to Your Weight Matters 2015

This weekend I am down in San Antonio, TX for the Obesity Action Coalition‘s annual convention, Your Weight Matters. Yesterday, I took part in the Finding the Power of Your Voice advocacy training, and am about to head down for...


Your Support Matters

One of the great things about working with the Obesity Action Coalition and their Your Weight Matters Convention is their realization that sometimes the people that really need that support, education and inspiration offered by the OAC need some help...


That Darn F Word

I was trying to figure out some sort of… humorous way to approach this post. But honestly, after a few stalled attempts, I realized it wasn’t going to work. This is actually a topic I’ve given a lot of thought...


Thank you. Two simple words that are so hard to say.

This last weekend was the Obesity Action Coalition’s 3rd Annual Your Weight Matters Convention. It was a great weekend, and I will be posting things about it over the coming weeks, including a slew of mini-interviews I did with attendees,...


OAC’s Annual Barbara Thompson Award For Advocacy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2014 FOR MORE INFORMATION: James Zervios Director of Communications, OAC (800) 717-3117 jzervios@obesityaction.org ROB PORTINGA, HONORED WITH THE OBESITY ACTION COALITION’S “BARBARA THOMPSON AWARD FOR ADVOCACY” Tampa, Fla. – Washington state resident Rob Portinga was honored...