Sherman Creek & Lost Valley Trail

We hit a local favorite today, Capitol State Forest. We needed something nearby because of evening plans, so it’s great having this area with it’s variety of trails so close to home.

We did a loop that took us along the Sherman Creek and along the Lost Valley Trail. We did see a doe and fawn before we even hit the trail, then saw spittle bugs and wasps along the trail, but the oddest thing today was not one, but two different dead moles. It’s not the only time we’ve been running in to that this season, but I can’t find any info on anything in particular causing it. It’s just weird that we’re seeing it so often suddenly.

This trail isn’t know for it’s spectacular views, but it’s a great romp through some nicely wooded areas with a bit of action along parts of Sherman Creek. And of course, any day out on the trail is a good day.

Some info on the Spittlebug, aka Froghopper

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