Sheep Lake Backpacking

It was Bonnie’s first time backpacking, and we weren’t going to let grey skies get in our way!

sheep lake

We originally were looking to do Surprise Lake on the NW side of Mt. Rainier, but weather forecast was for quite a bit of rain. After checking around, we opted for Sheep Lake, it’s just on the other side of the Chinook Pass, where the Wenatchee National Forest meets Mt. Rainier National Park. As a bonus, we’d be hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail.

It was just a couple miles to hike in to the lake, where we took some time to set up camp before heading further up the PCT to Sourdough Ridge, a gap in the ridge surrounding the lake as you travel further North. We enjoyed what limited view we had, up in the clouds, while Bonnie ate a late lunch/early dinner.

a warm drink in camp

After returning to camp, I heated up my dinner and we each had a hot beverage before spending some time exploring around the lake and just relaxing before retiring to our hammocks.

The next morning, we got some breaks of sun, so the wild flowers really got a chance to pop as we hiked back out. All in all, a very nice outing, and Bonnie is already looking forward to the next trip.

tiger lillies

Trip Date: July 17-18, 2019

A quick note, I have fallen a wee bit behind on editing/posting trip videos. I’m working on getting caught up… and think what I’m going to do is for every new one, I’ll go ahead and post it, but then I have to post at least one of the older ones as well. This way I get the fresh stuff up while it’s fresh, and still can get the older stuff done… at least in theory. I haven’t decided if I’ll backdate the older stuff to be closer to the actual recorded dates, vs just putting them up when I process them. We’ll see…

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