Rock Candy Trail Revisited

A quick trip to Capitol State Forest to revisit the Rock Candy Trail turned into a bit more of an adventure than I first planned on. I did this trail with a small group January of last year. And though it’s later in the season, the conditions were much different.

Last year was a bit wet and very windy. This year, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground. That, along with downed trees meant I couldn’t quite find the existing trail and ended up taking nearly an hour to work my way up the hillside before finally coming across the actual trail again.

I probably could have taken an easier way around things, but in a way, this climb up is just what I needed on this particular day. Something I talk a bit about in the video. Being so close to Olympia also meant I had a cell signal, so I decided to do some Facebook Live, and I incorporated that video in here.

Not a lot of photos, but skip to about the last 30 seconds on the video if you want the slide show.

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