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[adrotate banner=”3″]Being active is an important part of getting and being healthy. One of my favorite ways to be active is riding my bike, but I also go for walks and even do a bit of running. Carrying an ID when doing these things can be a bit of a hassle… but if you have have a Road ID, it doesn’t have to be.

They make a variety of products geared towards having a way to carry your “ID” in situations where you don’t typically carry your ID. I use the the Wrist ID Slim – it’s a laser engraved, stainless-steel ID tag that comes on a silicone band, the same size as the various bands you see people sorting for various causes or just for fun, and in my case I use it to convey medical alert information.

Road ID

I just recently had to order a replacement after wearing mine 24/7 for just over two years. The silicone band was starting to break and the ID tag was wearing to the point of getting hard to read. I kept up with the black band, even though they offer a bunch of different colors. I may order another band in a different color, but for now I just want it to “be there”, not really jump out at anyone.

Also, this time around I added what they call badges. They are used to customize your RoadID with things that interest you, sort of like charms on a bracelet. I added one with the standard Medical Alert symbol. One thing I should note, had it been a simple matter of my ID wearing out, they would have replaced it for free, but I also needed to update my info… so instead of doing that and just buying a new band, I bought the whole thing.

This is one of those things that you hope you never need to have, but at such reasonable costs – there’s no reason not to have it.

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2 Responses

  1. Debera Gau says:

    I like the security my road id gives me but also the customization. Mine fits on my fit bit tracker and includes my name, yr of birth, blood type and emergency contact jnfo

  2. Adam Martin says:

    The information is good. Saftey is most important and emergancy id is also useful it provides all information and that is useful in critical situation.

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