I had the pleasure of attending Rob Portinga’s talk and participating in a panel with him at a the NW Weight Loss Conference in 2011. Rob has a wonderful blend of experience, self awareness, and honesty that makes him comfortable to be around, and easy to learn from. He is someone who has walked the walk, and he has devoted his time and energy to expanding his knowledge and reaching out to help others. Rob is making a great contribution to our field.

Katie Jay
Director, National Association for Weight Loss Surgery

Rob is remarkably dedicated to his work, his professional community and to his peers. He invests innumerable personal hours to his professional interests and devotes his free time to his peers. He can be counted on to help out for great causes. In addition, he is an insightful and inspirational speaker and a talented radio professional!

Connie Stapleton
PhD Licensed Psychologist

I have had the privilege of working with Rob in multiple areas. Volunteer activities, Public speaking,Coaching, as well as Blogging and Web page design. Rob brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a manner that is engaging and personable. He is also passionate and sincere in his approach to working with clients and advocating on behalf of others. Rob truly cares about his clients and his work, he is a wonderful role model, teacher and colleague. I am also privileged to include him as a friend.

– Debera Gau
Clinical Support Coordinator at Allina Hospitals & Clinics

I went to Rob with a goal to lose weight, but also to improve my health. Rob put me on a nutrition plan to help me make better meal choices. He also gave me advice on nutritional supplements, recipe ideas, and how much exercise I needed to reach my goal. Rob continued to answer my questions as they came up along my journey to a healthier lifestyle. My weight is now in a healthy range and my blood pressure is lower than it has been in over 10 years. The information Rob provided has been incorporated into my life and it continues to guide me each day.

– Kathy K.

Rob is not only a true professional at everything he does, but an inspiration for any community that he is a part of. He works with integrity and pride, and inspires that in others as well.

Taunia Soderquist
Self-Employed Voice Over Artist

Rob has a no-nonsense manner when providing information and support to individuals with obesity concerns. I’ll never forget that great video he made demonstrating the detrimental effect of drinking water with your meals after weight loss surgery. It is a must see! Rob has found his passion and purpose: to educate, support and promote a lifestyle that is possible for men AND women to emulate pre-and-post weight loss surgery.

– Amy Amberg
ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist at Allina Hospitals & Clinics