Radio Archives: Growing up with Food Allergies

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This show originally aired: October 26, 2013

To round our out live show series on food allergies, we were joined in studio with four great kids to talk about what it’s like growing up with severe food allergies.

First we met Fletcher (age 10) is allergic to annatto, a natural food additive found in a lot of different, every-day foods from cheese to ice cream. Fletch was joined by his older sister, Frankie (age 16) to share the sibling perspective.

Next up, Max (age 14), who is allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts, beef and pork. He also had other allergies when he was younger that he’s since grown out of.

Then finally we have Kaylie, (age 17), peanut, tree nut, dairy, gluten, egg, fish and shellfish. Her allergies are not only ingestion allergies, but also contact. Just being near many of these things can trigger an allergic reaction.

We really appreciated the openness of our guests in sharing their stories.

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