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This show originally aired on December 29, 2012

Just before Thanksgiving a couple years back, I was in a weather related accident back in MN, and my beloved Jeep Wrangler was totaled.

As a sort of follow up to that on The Wake Up Call, we talked about fender benders and some of the holistic care options available. One of the big things we stressed as well was that even if you walk away feeling fine, symptoms can take days or even weeks to present themselves after an accident and they can cause issues for years to come if left untreated.

Fender Bender

I was joined in studio by Dr. Eric Mayfield of HealthSource Chiropractic in Uptown as well as my Co-hosts Gizelle and Guy of the Bhakti Wellness Center for some great conversation on the symptoms to look out for and the great treatment options they all are able to offer.

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