Radio Archive: You and Your Thyroid

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This show originally aired: April 21, 2012

Dr. Kyle Warren of Warren Internal Health  joined us on The Wake Up Call to discuss the thyroid. We talked a bit about what it is, what it does, what are some of the more common issues surrounding problems with your thyroid as well as general advice on things you can do on a daily basis to promote good thyroid health.

The three key things Dr. Warren wanted to get across today were:

  • Get a proper diagnosis – too many people are either undiagnosed, or are receiving treatments that are not addressing the root cause of their thyroid issues
  • Don’t stop with medication – medications can help, but there is so much more that you can, and should do for your thyroid health
  • Look at what you’re doing for your immune system – with so many thyroid issues linked to auto-immune disorders, promoting and maintaining a healthy immune system can be crucial to dealing with your thyroid problems

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