Radio Archive: Smart Shopping Part 2

This show originally aired on November 10, 2012

On this follow up to the Smart Shopping show I did a few weeks prior, I had the great pleasure to be joined on The Wake Up Call by Bonnie Taub-Dix. Bonnie is the author of Read It Before You Eat It, a great book that can help you decipher the confusing world of food packaging and nutritional labels.

Bonnie Taub-Dix

Being on the East Coast and having been effected by Hurricane Sandy, it also gave us a chance to chat a bit about food safety when you lose power as well as get a bit of a personal update on the clean-up efforts after this natural disaster.

Thanks again to Bonnie for joining me. If you want to connect with her yourself, you can also find her on Twitter (and me too by the way!.

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