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I’ve already written a bit about fats before, in my Beginner’s Guide To Fats, and Beginner’s Guide To Saturated Fats, but I wanted to post this to share some links to a few sites I used when researching dietary fats for the show on Healthy Fats I did for The Wake Up Call a few years back. And maybe a recipe or two will slip in here as well.

Fresh Salad With Oil

Salads are a great addition to any Positively Healthy diet, right? But did you know you’re actually doing yourself a disservice by reaching for those non-fat salad dressings? A good salad is going to be packed with vitamins, including Vitamins A, D, E and K which are all fat soluble. This means they need fat for the body to properly absorb them. So using a regular dressing that has a healthy-fat (like olive oil for example) actually makes that salad even more healthy for you.

A couple other links to share…

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