Radio Archive: Bariatric Surgery

This show originally aired on October 1, 2011

For one of the very first shows I did on The Wake Up Call, I had a special call in guest, Dr. Jeffrey Baker of Baker Bariatrics. Dr. Baker is one of the  surgeons for the bariatric center at Unity Hospital in Fridley, where I had my own surgery.We talked about the more common surgeries available, who might want to consider bariatric surgery (aka. Weight Loss Surgery) and both benefits and possible complications that can arise from bariatric surgery.

Dr Baker In Surgery

If you have further questions or would otherwise like to discuss bariatric surgery as an option with Dr. Baker you can reach him at 763-236-2180. If you are considering bariatric surgery, or maybe you have already had it but have questions about what to eat, what supplements to take, etc… I offer health coaching services that are tailored to the needs of bariatric patients.

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