Point Defiance Beach

I’ve done Point Defiance before.. you can watch the previous video if you want to see it… but this time we took a different route. Instead of being up on the trails, we timed things with a low tide and took a walk along the beach.

Besides the sea anemones, LOTS of them, that we saw, we also saw some seals and another little something we didn’t know what it was…

Turns out these are a form of tunicate, more specifically the styela clava, aka sea squirt. They’re an invasive species here in the Puget Sound… and in some parts of the world, they may be referred to as sea pineapples. In fact, they seem to be used in Korean dishes… just search “sea squirt” on YouTube and you’ll find a few videos showing how they’re prepared.

As we made our way around the beach, we cut through the Salmon Beach area to get back up to the main trails…Salmon Beach is a very unique community. You can read a bit more about it here… and here…

And finally, before getting back to the beach, we did pass by Fort Nisqually, a living history museum part of the Tacoma Parks.

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