Plan A, or Plan B? (reblog)

Originally published December 8, 2008

Even with Thanksgiving tossed into the mix, since November 26th, depending on the scale, I have lost between 10 and 14 pounds. Yes, that is close to a pound a day.

I checked in at the doctors office today, and on their scale it was 10 pounds from when I stopped in on the 26th for some blood work. But I was about three or four pounds heavier than that on the scale when I met with the dietitian on the 25th, so I’m not entirely sure, but it’s progress.

It isn’t easy. I finished dinner an hour ago and I’m hungry. And no, I did not eat Chinese food. I have to keep reminding myself, it hasn’t even been two weeks yet.

My PCP seemed a bit surprised at the 1500 calorie a day plan the dietitian put me on. He thinks if I stay around 2000 I’ll be just fine. And I probably have been closer to 2000 than 1500 calories more than a few days. Yesterday I was out running around a bit and had Subway for lunch. Turkey breast and cheddar on wheat, lettuce, onion, green pepper, cucumbers, black olives, pepper and a bit of the chipotle sauce. I’m sure I didn’t really need the sauce, but honestly, Subway food is so bland without it. Then I went to a movie with a friend and I ate popcorn. Quite a bit of popcorn.

Then today, on the way home from the doctor, we were getting the start of a major snow. It was rush hour. I knew it was going to take me an hour to get home, (ended up being hour and ten minutes) so I swung through Arby’s and got a regular roast beast. They’re on special for 99 cents. They’re good. I am a carnivore. I like my meat, and I especially like beef. That one sandwich, it’s bout 320 calories. So yes, I’m definitely pushing 2000 today.

But overall, I think I’m doing good. One egg, two toast, (and I’m using maybe a teaspoon of butter per slice), 1/2 banana and some yogurt for breakfast. Lunch was salad with spinach, carrots, onion, green peppers and a tortilla wrap of chicken, lettuce, onion, cheddar and a bit of Miracle Whip. Dinner; a 1/3# broiled burger patty, two slices of wheat bread, cooked carrots, some yogurt, and I sauteed some green beans in a tiny bit of olive oil with some chopped garlic and red pepper flakes. They were the “fries” to go with my burger.

Has just the thought of surgery given me the push to change? Still too early to know. Yes, the slip ups with the popcorn and the Arby’s are not huge. But will they continue? Will they snow-ball? Can I get to the point where 2000 calories a day will fill me up?

Right now, bariatric surgery is “Plan A”. All this I’m doing right now is simply what I “have to do” in order to have that surgery, so I can feel full. And I have to do this another 60+ days. At that point, will surgery become “Plan B”?

The answer to this, and too many questions right now seems to be “I don’t know”.

I just have to keep pluggin’ away I guess, see what happens.

This reblog was originally posted on one of my previous blogs/websites. Some will be about my personal experiences with my decision to have bariatric surgery, others are about other relevant issues that I feel are worth still having available for discussion. Minor editing may have been done for clarity.

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