On the Air: Introducing Guy Odishaw

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This show originally aired: July 23, 2011

Guy Odishaw of the Bhakti Wellness Center is the one that brought this motley group together after being approached by AM950. We spent a long, maybe too long, coming up with what we wanted The Wake Up Call to be, figuring out how… even if… we could pull this off.

In the end, I think we did a darn good job. I believe we produced a lot of informative and entertaining content on a wide variety of topics that all revolved around various forms of health and wellness.

I’ve already spread all of the shows where I was the lead host, topics I led, over various posts throughout the blog. I’m finally getting around to adding all of the rest of our content.

Our group of co-hosts would grow and evolve over time, but at the beginning there were three of us. Guy, Gizelle, and myself. We decided to start things out we decided to interview each other as a way to introduce both ourselves and the show to our audience. And since Guy was the one that brought us together, we started out with him.

Working with Guy shaped a number of views on health I continue to hold today, maybe one of the most important; “being healthy is not simply a lack of symptoms”.

Oh, and as a quick side note, since Gizelle had been working with Guy much longer, she was our “lead host”, the one who essentially did the interview with Guy, and I would be the facilitating host. Which meant, I was the one that got to do the opening for our first show. Listening now, I can tell I was reading my notes a bit to make sure I didn’t forget anything, and struggled a bit with how to actually pronounce “Bhakti”.

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