New Year’s Day Snowshoe Trip to Mt Rainier

Being outdoors; hiking, snowshoeing, and the like has been a bit part of my Positively Healthy life since moving to Washington State almost 4 years ago now. It’s been great for my both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I’ve also been neglecting things around here.. which is something I’ve missed. So I’m going to attempt to start sharing more here again… that will include things I do outdoors, some more cooking, more advocacy, etc.

So to kick that off… here’s a video of some things that happened on our snowshoe trip on New Year’s Day. It was a beautiful day with an inversion happening… meaning there was a layer of warmer air sitting above the normal cold winter air. At the base of the mountain at Longmire visitors center it was about 30 degrees. By the time we got up about 4500 feet at Narada Falls, it was about 40. The area we drove through was cloudy/foggy, but it was wonderfully sunny up on the mountain.  We trekked about 4.5 miles in total, with about a thousand feet of elevation gain. It was a leisurely stroll, with time spent soaking up the sun and the views… and one of our friends got a bit of a surprise… with Mt Rainier as a backdrop… watch and see!

Here’s a couple other photos from the trip as well..

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