Mt St. Helens – Coldwater Lake

On today’s trip, we headed down to Mt. St Helens. We had hoped to hike the Boundary Trail from the Johnston Ridge Observatory down to Hummocks Trailhead, but the cloud level was just way to low.

Instead, we went down to Coldwater Lake. We didn’t do a lot of miles, it was more about seeing some sights… and while we didn’t see much of the volcano, the sights were still spectacular.

We almost didn’t make it today. I had screwed up in calculating the miles to get there and we had to turn around and back-track at one point about 30 min to get gas. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have made it all the way up to Johnston Ridge and back.

We were there just after the 38th anniversary of the eruption. If you want to learn more about the history of St Helens, check out the links below.

An in depth timeline with a number of photos and illustrations

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