Guillemot Cove & Stump House

This was a short hike, we looped around some trails at Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve, which includes the “Stump House”, a bit of a “house” carved out of an old cedar trunk.

It’s rumored the Stump House was once used by a criminal called Dirty Thompson to hide out from the law. The area was also used by farmers around the 1800’s, but most of the buildings were falling to ruins when the Reynolds family re-discovered the cove in 1939. The family bought 80 acres in the area originally and bought up additional parcels until they owned about 160 acres.

In the 1990s, the family worked with the Trust for Public Land to purchase the property and it became a nature preserve. One of the reasons we were in the area was to head to the Rodeo Drive-In in Bremerton afterwards for a movie. They have 3 screens that each show double-features. It was the first time at a drive-in movie in maybe a decade for me, longer for the others.

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