Goldmyer Hot Springs

A small group of us had been planning this for a couple months, and lucked out weather wise. We did about a 4 mile trek along an old forest road that follows the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River to an area along the Burntboot Creek where the spring is.

Goldmyer is owned and managed by Northwest Wilderness Programs, a nonprofit organization established in 1976 to protect this treasure of the wilderness for the use of generations to come.

It’s pretty interesting, the spring was on private land that was then set up in a trust in order to preserve it. It’s limited to 20 visitors per day, there’s a cabin on site where a pair of caretakers stay for up to 6 months at a time. You can read up much more about the history, ecology, etc, as well as make your own reservations over at

I had misunderstood what I originally read about it, it’s not really three springs, it’s a spring that feeds out of the cave that’s been blasted out and set up to create a sort of large hot-tub. that flows to another small pool, and that flows to another small pool, which then flows to the creek. Each successive one is slightly cooler just through the natural process of being in open air, etc. The water in the main cave was pushing 110 degrees and it was difficult to stay in there too long.

There’s also a pool that is filled with water run off from the stream, and since it’s fed from snow-melt, it’s a touch chilly.

There isn’t really much video or photos from the springs area itself, I got a bit before anyone else showed up, but shortly after we did get there, another group arrived. So for the sake of privacy, I didn’t do any further recording. While the “capacity” is 20, you have to really be mindful and share the area, and if all 20 happen to be there at the same time it would definitely be crowded. As it was, we had 11 of us and it was still a bit cramped. There were others with reservations, but they didn’t show until after we had left.

We’re planning on maybe going back again, and spending the extra $5 to camp, that would allow for some time up at the springs throughout the day after arriving and another visit before having to break camp and head back the next day.

Danny had so much fun driving down the rather bumpy forest road, I also share a clip of us heading back down the road on the way out. Honestly, I was a little jealous I didn’t have the Jeep for that ride.

If you’re interested in visiting Goldmyer or any wilderness hot spring, this etiquette guide may come in handy.

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