Full Heart Living Live!

Tom Glaser is one of my former co-hosts on The Wake Up Call Radio Show. Tom is a Licensed Psychologist, but also very active in the local theater.. and now also an author. He’s combined these things, taking the concepts of his recently published book and presenting them as part of the annual Minnesota Fringe Festival. Full Heart Living LIVE! The Boot Camp Experience will have five performances at the Bryant Lake Bowl between August 6th and the 13th. Here’s the description from the Fringe page…

Everything you need to know about happiness. Through movement and spoken word, this entertaining, unpredictable, moving, and instructive romp explores the virtues and pitfalls of living with your whole heart.

Like I mentioned, this is tied to his recent book, Full Heart Living… he mentions the basis for it in the clip below where he was recently on a local (to Minneapolis/St Paul) TV show, but here’s the summary from his website as well.

Full Heart Living is Tom’s account of interviewing the happiest people he knows. With care and compassion, Tom shares how their words and experiences affect him. Full Heart Living examines the everyday choices happier people make, and provides concrete exercises and action steps so you can begin making similar choices today.

So check out the book, check out the Fringe show…it’s all good stuff.

Tom Glaser: More about Tom
Full Heart Living LIVE!
: Get more info and reserve tickets
Full Heart Living: The Book

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