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With everything else going on the last few weeks, I forgot to let you all know that I was on with Reeger Cortell as part of her Weight Loss Surgery Podcast a few Sunday’s ago. Reeger is a Family Nurse Practitioner at a bariatric center in Southern Oregon and a couple years ago was looking for a way to further reach out and help those thinking about or living with the decision to have bariatric surgery.


She puts up a new podcast pretty much every two weeks and has been doing so … well, I was show number 36, so that’s what? Year and a half now? She’s had a LOT of great folks on with her over the last 18 months and covered some wonderful topics. I think her show on dumping syndrome after bariatric surgery is one of the best descriptions of what dumping really is that I’ve ever heard.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of them yet… but the ones I have checked out have all been top quality. She pre-records her talks, then does some basic editing, often adding in some additional thoughts that come to her while doing so. You can really tell this is something she is both passionate and compassionate about. She really just wants to help folks.

So go check out The Weight Loss Surgery Podcast – 036 Rob Portinga: The Journey from Fat Dude to Positively-Healthy Dude first to hear the chat she and I had, then take some time to listen to the rest. You can stream them from her page or download directly from iTunes.

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  1. November 15, 2015

    […] bit over a year ago, I was interviewed by Reeger Cortell for an episode of her Weight Loss Surgery Podcast, and shortly thereafter, she asked if I would like to do some co-hosting with her. I’ve since […]

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