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Yesterday, a couple friends (Jennifer and Lisa) and I drove up to Bainbridge Island There’s a number of parks on the island, and we stopped at Grand Forest West. It seemed like a nice little park, and while it had rained over night and was overcast, it had stopped, and this is the PNW after all. We all put on our rain jackets and headed out.


We ended up doing over 6 miles… turns out there is also a Grand Fores East, and they’re joined by this Hilltop Trail, we covered it and most of the other trails looping around inside the two areas. We may or may not have covered a few of them more than once, and it may or may not have been intentional. But it was a good walk in a beautiful park that I definitely want to return to again.

One of the more interesting finds in the park was this large boulder where previous hikers had been balancing columns of stones. I believe this has become a bit of a thing all over the place, a zen thing. And this particular spot.. it was rather calming.


Later we drove to the southern end of the island, then looped back around to the town of Bainbridge for a late lunch by the marina. Right on the waterfront was a display of .. characters… done in rock by a local artist.


Then we headed North again, stopping at Fay Bainbridge Park, a campground right on the shore – one I definitely will be returning to. We talked about getting a group, hike some of the parks during the day, hang out on the beach side campgrounds that night.



That’s Seattle off in the distance there…

Being active doesn’t have to be about treadmills, ellipticals, going to the gym. It doesn’t have to be about pushing yourself to the limits. Sure, there’s a place for that sort of exercise, but that doesn’t mean it is THE place to go every time.

It can be about grabbing some friends and going for a walk around a local park, or heading out and finding someplace new to explore. It can be about just getting out and enjoying the world around you.

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  1. September 7, 2015

    […] managed to get away a bit yesterday, and had a fun day with a couple friends… and I am going to step away again for awhile today. […]

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