Discovering something positive in a sea of negative

A while back I posted about a certain you-tube personality, a rather negative video about obesity she did, and some of the great responses that were posted. Well, she was recently at it again. And Twitter was once again a buzz (a tweet?) with people lauding her for standing up and speaking “the truth”. But rather thank share that video with you (I’m sure you can find if if you really must see it), I discovered some great people doing great things.

One of those things is this video by Jamie via Twitter. Jamie did this video as part of a class project, and it tackles a bunch of stereotypes and biases about obesity, using her own experiences mixed with  a variety of images, some simple animations, clips from the media and more to present paint a very compelling image around the idea of… accepting ourselves no matter our body size.

It is less than 9 minutes. Take the time to watch it. It’s worth it.

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