Denver or Bust Road Trip – Day 2

On day 2 of our trip, we were up early to pack up. We stopped at the wetland across the road from the park to check out the HUGE flock of pelicans. Unfortunately we couldn’t get too close as it was still a nesting time for them.

Then we headed through Salt Lake City on our way to the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. We first stopped at an overlook over Jordanelle Reservoir, but the wind and traffic noise made the video unusable… our next stop was Upper Provo Falls, and it was too crowded to really try and do video there. So beyond that we meandered our way up Hwy 150 with a pause at the pass at Baldy Mountain. Clouds were working their way in, so the views were not fantastic, merely really nice.

Our plan was to hike up to Ruth Lake, but first we drove a few miles past it before we finally found a place to set up our hammocks. It was looking to be a cool night, and unfortunately the spot we found did not have a fire ring so we didn’t get to do a fire that night. But we did finally get set up and back to Ruth Lake. It’s a fairly easy hike, less than 300ft of elevation gain, less than a mile to the lake. But, it starts out at 10,100 ft… so we took it a bit easy.

We found a number of folks camping at the lake, and had we known we could do that.. we might have packed for being able to so ourselves. Despite the overcast sky, the hike nad lake were beautiful… We lucked out, the growing season up here is really short, just a couple of months, and we caught the wildflowers in full bloom.

There were some sprinkles off and on as we were out this evening, which is fine because it rewarded us with a spectacular rainbow as we were driving back to camp.

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