Denver or Bust Road Trip – Day 10

Your Weight Matters 2018 is over, and we’re on our way home. We headed north out of Denver around lunch time, made it into Wyoming, and along the way stopped at Fossil Butte National Monument, a location where they are still actively mining for fossils.

We stopped at the observation deck of the visitors center before driving up to the picnic area, where we did a short trek along some trails, enjoying the sunset views.

This is also where I give my first “trail head” review where I review the facilities located at/near trailheads. The vault facility at the Fossil Butte Picnic Area rated 5-stars. Only thing missing was running water. The nature trail also included some ADA accessible features, including one of the picnic shelters that could be reached via boardwalk.

Wildlife sightings included some hares, chimpmunks, herons and other birds, then scat of pronghorn and mule dear and maybe elk.

Fossil Butte was a beaut’ and I would like to visit again when I have more time. It’s well worth the stop if you’re driving through the area.

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