Decisions, Decisions (reblog)

This is another in an ongoing group of posts from my previous website and my early days of considering bariatric surgery, originally posted October 30, 2008

fork in the road

“You’ve made a decision.”

That’s what my doctor told me this afternoon. I went to see him to get my flu shot, and I had a couple more questions for him before my initial consult with the bariatric surgeon tomorrow. He gave me a letter to verify some things for my insurance company. And when I told him that in a number of ways, just looking in to this whole process has given me some motivation.

That’s when he told me “You’ve made a decision.”

He’s right. And it kinda sucks.

Why couldn’t I make this decision the decision to radically alter my life-style without surgery?

Of course if I could answer that I wouldn’t be at this point. So this is where I am. I made a decision, I’m moving forward.

We’ll see how things are after tomorrow.

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