Deception Creek

A solo hiking trip today, I headed north to the Steven’s Pass area. Deception Falls is a little park a bit east of Skykomish, right along Hwy 2. I’ve stopped there a few times in the past. Deception Falls is fed by Deception Creek, which has it’s own trailhead on the other side of the highway, just past a neat railroad trestle bridge.

Railroad Trestle

I didn’t do quite as much distance as I had originally intended, but I was a bit distracted by all the various mushrooms/fungi, I didn’t even stop to take photos of most of the ones I saw. Between that and berry picking… well, shorter distance, but still an enjoyable trek.

Speaking of berries, during my hike I started wondering about how bears eat berries. Well, I figured it out thanks to a quick Google search. Basically, it’s all in the lips. Read more about it over at the North American Bear Center. Watch the full video below, or hit up the 26 min mark to just view the slide show.

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