Connie Cast! A Different Take on Weight Bias

Miss Connie Stapleton started a new online webcast this year.. and she asked me to be her July guest. I meant to mention it before hand.. but things kind of got distracting… but now that it’s been done and recorded and stuck up on her YouTube channel, I figure I could share it here.

We talked about a few different things related to obesity, of course, but primarily we chatted about how even those who have been fighting or even overcome their own obesity can have their own biases that they need to sometimes take a better look at.  Check it out.. and be sure to visit Connie’s YouTube channel to check out her other ConnieCasts, or check out her books and other stuff over at

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  1. Gigi says:

    Thx Rob for these throwbacks. Great reminders for not only where we were but where we want to go.

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